Asset Management

Asset Management

Optimal Performance

Our clients can take advantage of our extensive property management expertise by utilising our asset management services.

Anonymous London works alongside UK and international investors and lenders such as insurance companies, pension funds, property funds, investment funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices and wealthy individuals to proactively manage their holdings and maximise returns. We also advise on how to mitigate risks and make valuable improvements to property performance.

Our asset management approach is unique to each property and client to match the owner’s requirements, our objective is always to maximise value and returns.




Bank Liaison

We will undertake the necessary reporting functions to the bank as well as negotiate re-financing and facilitate annual valuations for the bank. 

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ambT Property Partners - Asset Management Tenant Liaison

Tenant Liaison

We provide a central point of contact for tenants to collect rent and discuss their ongoing requirements. We also authorize and document tenant works, manage multi-let buildings and ensure full compliance with all UK legislation.

Investor Liaison

We provide financial reports to investors and auditors and manage quarterly dividend payments.

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