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Application Questionnaire

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Why are we asking you to sign our NDA?

We ask you to sign our NDA because our Investors Lounge contains commercially sensitive details of our investment opportunities. If you would like to speak to a member of our team about our NDA please contact us via applications@ambtpropertypartners.comor +44 (0)20 3036 0312.

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Please provide as many details below as you can. Aside from indicating your eligibility for our Investors Club, for some exclusive and specialist deals we always approach investors directly and these questions will help our team to determine if any such deals are relevant to you.

Deal Type, Please Select all Deal Types you are Considering:
Buildout Equity Raise
Development opportunities
Forward Purchase
Forward Planning
Pre Planning
Post Planning
Land Regeneration
Co Living

Please also give some deal breakers, this information will be used to ensure the deals we offer to you are tailored to your strategy.