2020’s Luxury Property Trends

In the weeks that followed Boris Johnson’s election victory UK property investors acquired or agreed deals on more than a dozen properties worth £1.2 billion indicating that Brexit-related investor hesitation is coming to an end. Knight Frank agrees with its five-year price growth forecast predicting 15% growth UK-wide and 18% in prime central London between […]

Buyers’ Incentives: On the rise and getting creative

Buyers’ incentives are not new and are often used in a buyers market. We’ve seen the UK property market slow to a near halt in recent months with house prices falling this month for the first time since 2010. It seems the traditional “autumn bounce” in the market is simply not happening this year with […]

What’s The Outlook For The UK Property Market?

Not a day goes by where articles predicting the UK’s future after Brexit don’t fill the papers and this week has been no different. The predictions are looking bleak but the generally negative outlook the papers are pushing is at odds with the moves I know some investors have taken due to their unrelenting confidence […]

Is now the time to invest in Liverpool property?

For my article this week I want to put the spotlight on Liverpool as a promising investment option, having read several reports recently looking at its economy and property sector and how well they seem to be performing – especially when compared to the rest of the UK. Liverpool’s regional economy is reportedly worth approximately […]

Are Prime Property Auctions On The Rise?

Buying property at auction is not new, but it’s not the way most people consider buying a property and that may be because it’s a method that has fallen out of favour or it may be because the properties sold at auction are not always conventional. However with 49.8% of all house sales in England […]

Commercial property investors take note, these office trends aren’t going away

London, like no other city, is constantly changing and adapting to move with the needs of those who live and work here. And those of us in the property industry need to adapt and change as well. Anyone working in London will have noticed that the office options available have become much more diverse in […]